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About Us

Refined Custom Homes is focused on bringing Kentucky families and communities together by building long-lasting, energy-efficient, and detail-oriented homes that will perpetuate the American dream for generations to come.

As the name suggests, Refined Custom Homes focuses primarily on custom-built homes rather than speculative homes. Refined Custom Homes focuses on the customer experience of designing, building, and living in its completed homes.


These homes are intended to be sold or pre-sold; not held long-term. The company holds to a “refined” standard of quality that can be attributed to its adherence to built-in systems of daily/weekly quality control monitoring, an unwavering insistence on utilizing long-lasting materials in all projects (ex: no laminate flooring, no MDF cabinets), and extensive proactive review of its designs to ensure they are functional and irresistibly laid out (ex: floorplans that meet customer lifestyle preferences, garages big enough to park mid-sized trucks, closets separated for his/hers clothing, living room spaces suited for furniture and television arrangements, HVAC units with filters easily accessible from main level, and other thoughtfully-planned design features).

Our Services

At Refined Custom Homes we offer the following services:

  • New Construction

  • Custom Homes

  • Full Renovations

  • Luxury Farmhouses


In addition to the personal efforts of our individual owners & employees, Refined Custom Homes has preferred charities as a company. In most cases, customers who build with RFND can pick from the approved list of charities, and RFND will cut into its profit margin to donate to the organization of choice. 


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